Course Types

Residential Courses

      Antietam Bible College embraces the time-honored traditional approach to learning while recognizing the value of rigorous independent and directed studies in the educational process. The student may take the entire program of study leading to a particular degree on campus in our regular schedule or combine classroom study with rich, educationally sound and approved methods of independent directed study.
      ABC/ABS operates on the semester plan composed of 15 – 17 weeks. As a rule, one credit represents classroom activity of 50 minutes per week for the semester.  ABC/ABS requires a minimum of 25% of credit requirements to be done by residential study.


Directed Study Courses

      As in a number of other higher education institutions, ABC/ABS offers a program of directed studies.  Directed studies must not exceed 20% of the required number of credits for the chosen degree program.  Students who wish to accelerate their progress may avail themselves of the opportunities these directed studies provide.  All tools for study, including textbooks and other media, are billed to the student in addition to tuition and fees.  The student is welcomed to schedule an appointment with the Academic Dean to discuss the courses presently available for directed independent study and their potential use in accomplishing his educational plans and how they may be tailored to meet his academic needs.  Please refer to the Financial Information sheet for any applicable fees.


Online Courses

      Currently we offer online apologetics courses which can be applied to one's undergraduate degree. These courses are delivered online via webinars, video lectures, narrated powerpoints, interactive message boards, exams, and research projects. This is a great option for people who want to grow in knowledge but do not have the time to spend in a traditional classroom.

Please contact the office for more information about our Online Courses.