What levels of degrees do you offer?
The degrees offered are Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral

What programs of study do you offer?
We have four major areas of study: Bible & Theology, Pastoral, Biblical Missions, and Christian Education. We also offer training in Secretarial and Church Business Administration, Women's Ministries, and Church Education.

Will I be able to take Bible courses even if I do not major in Bible?
Yes, all students working on a Bachelor’s degree, for example, are required to take 30 hours of Bible regardless of their major.

Do you teach the Bible as literal?
We believe the Bible is verbally inspired and that its words should be taken literally as they are intended in the normal customary use of human language.  We do not embrace allegorizing as a system of interpretation.

Are women allowed to study to be in the pastorate at your school?
Though we offer many other opportunities for women to train for ministry and encourage them to do so, in keeping with I Timothy 3:2, our pastoral ministry program is open to men only.

What is your professor : student ratio?
Approximately 1 : 6

How experienced are your faculty in the fields they teach?
We are blessed to have faculty with an average of 25+ years of experience in their respective fields.

What is the cost of tuition?
At the undergraduate level, tuition is $140 per credit. At the graduate level, tuition is $157 per credit. Most classes offered here are 3 credit hours each. The same tuition is applied to both Maryland residents and out-of-state students.

Do you accept federal aid?
We will accept it; however, the federal government has not been willing to grant it.

Do you accept the G.I. Bill?
We are currently unable to accept the G.I. Bill, but we have been working to gain approval from the Veteran’s Administration.

What types of financial aid do you offer?
We have a tuition assistance program. Contact us for details. We also offer a payment plan.  Our College Auxiliary awards annual scholarships to qualifying candidates.

Do you offer housing?
Currently, we are unable to provide housing.  We may, however, be able to provide you with references for Christian families and apartment owners who could accommodate your needs.

Do you accept foreign students?
Due to Homeland Security issues, we are not approved at this time to receive foreign students. Check our website periodically for changes.

Will other colleges accept my transfer credits?
We have been able to successfully transfer our credits into many other Christian and secular colleges.

Will you accept transfer credits from secular colleges?
In most cases, general education courses will transfer.

How will I be able to use my degree once I graduate?
Your training at ABC will equip you to effectively serve in churches, in Christian schools, and in missionary endeavors around the world!


     Location:  Our Hagerstown location is convenient for many in Washington County, in the surrounding counties of lower Pennsylvania, upper West Virginia, and even some counties in Virginia. 


     Faculty:  Our Professors are born-again believers with earned higher degrees and years of ministry experience. Each professor brings to the classroom Biblical and academic knowledge and life application expertise.


     Flexibility:  We offer a variety of degrees and programs ranging from Associates' degrees to Doctoral degrees. We also offer courses during the day and evening, on Saturday, and a summer session to accommodate most students' schedules.


     Bible Training:  All of our students graduate with the equivalent of a Bible major. Truly the Bible is not an afterthought. 


     Proven Record of Over 35 Years:  Other colleges and seminaries accept our credits and degrees.   Our alumni accomplishments speak volumes about our proven curriculum and training.