Standard of Conduct



     It is the God-given duty of every Christian to bear witness daily for Christ to the world.  The Bible admonishes “That ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God…” (Rom. 12:1)  It is, then, every believer’s “reasonable service” to examine carefully his public and private conduct that in all points, by God’s grace, he may be found faithful in his Christian testimony.

     ABC believes in the discipline of the whole person—spirit, soul, and body.  We aim to train students not only how to study the Bible in a systematic way (II Tim. 2:15), but also how to live soberly, righteously and Gody in this present world (Titus 2:12)

     Conduct quickly reveals character.  Jesus teaches that a good man out of a good heart will bring forth good fruits and that an evil heart will produce evil fruits.  Therefore, it is imperative that young men and women training for God’s service seek to conduct themselves in keeping with Biblical standards.  The atmosphere of Bible study must be validated by an atmosphere of Biblical living.  God calls Christians of the highest character when He commands us to be holy (I Peter 1:15).  Holiness requires discipline – discipline includes instruction, training, correction, and chastening.  The attitude of the student toward the discipline at ABC/ABS will determine the benefit he receives in return.

  1. Any form of sexual immorality or sexual innuendoes, the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, illicit or abusive drugs, profanity, and gambling is forbidden.  In order to avoid the appearance of evil, attendance at dances and other questionable behavior are not permissible (I Thessalonians 5:22).  The possession of firearms, explosives, fireworks and other potential weapons will not be permitted on campus.
  2. Fellowship of students between classes and at general school activities will be encouraged.  At all times, highest standards of social conduct between men and women will be maintained.  This means that all forms of unbecoming behavior and unseemly familiarities should be avoided.


     While ties are encouraged, male students will only be required to wear them for Chapel and class presentations.  Male students will be permitted to wear collared shirts including polo shirts, turtlenecks, and mock turtlenecks.  Jean cut trousers are not acceptable.  Hair must be neatly tapered, not into the eyes or over the collar.  Facial hair, including beards, mustaches and sideburns, must be neatly trimmed.  Eccentricities of hair and fashions are not permitted.  Specific guidelines may be communicated for special events.


     The dress code for women will follow the guiding principles of simplicity, modesty, neatness and femininity—including skirts that are full enough and of sufficient length to cover the knees when sitting.  Immodest necklines and waistlines, form-fitting and transparent clothing, as well as excessive jewelry or makeup will not be acceptable.  Feminine hairstyles are required.  Eccentricities of hair and fashion are not permitted.  This dress code is to be followed in class and Chapel.  Specific guidelines may be communicated for special events.

 Men and Women:  body piercing and tattoos

     In order to maintain a positive Christian testimony, body piercing and tattoos will not be permitted subsequent to admittance at ABC/ABS.  Ladies are permitted to wear one pair of earrings in their ear lobes.

Men and Women:  recreational dress code

  1. A recreational dress code will be followed for casual events such as picnics and sporting events.  In such cases, both men and women may wear loose-fitting pants and t-shirts.  T-shirts should not be muscle shirts nor should they have any objectionable wording or pictures on them.  Women are to avoid “spaghetti strap” styles.
  2. As representatives of ABC/ABS, all students are expected to dress modestly in the community.

     Each student (upon acceptance by ABC/ABS) will be required to sign a statement agreeing that he/she will cooperate with the Standard of Conduct and with the discipline of the school.  One who persistently disregards the rules of conduct will be dismissed.

     Students will be expected to exhibit a sympathetic attitude toward the standards and cooperate fully and cheerfully to the glory of God.  Those who are consistently negative towards the standards, the faculty or the administration, will be considered out of harmony with the purpose for which the school was founded.  These students will be counseled with Christian love and appropriate action taken by the administration.  The College reserves the right to dismiss or refuse to admit any student whose personal conduct and/or attitude in the judgment of the administration are not consistent with the Christian spirit and standards which ABC seeks to maintain.