Student Government

President - Alan Myers

Vice President - Jeremiah Gayman

Secretary - Rachel Mummert

Chaplain - Joshua Boyd 

Treasurer - Ann Bernecker (not pictured)

Asst. Secretary/Trasurer - Judy Youngblood (not pictured)

Dean of Students - Mrs. Imogene Bell



From the Handbook:

1.         The Officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Assistant, Treasurer and Assistant, and Student Chaplain.
2.         The Officers are elected for a one-year term.
3.         The Student Body Officers shall meet at least once a month to discuss current business and plan future projects.
4.         Student Body President, Vice-President and Student Chaplain must be students of Sophomore level or above, in good standing.
5.         Student Body Secretary and Treasurer must be full-time students in good standing.