Transfer students

If you are a transfer student, please use the following checklist for transferring to ABC/ABS:


1. Secure from the Registrar the application package and fill out and/or sign all the application forms.
2. Enclose the stipulated application fee, which is paid only once and is non-refundable.
3. Your pastor should complete one of the reference forms and mail it directly to the College. The general reference form must be completed by a non-family member and mailed directly to the College.
4. Attach a recent photograph (optional).
5. Request each institution of higher education previously attended to send a complete transcript to the Registrar.
6. Applicants with fewer than 12 college credits must provide high school records.
7. Upon receipt of the foregoing information, the Registrar will notify you of your acceptance.
8. A minimum grade of C is required for transfer of credit hours. However, students who have completed qualifying academic programs at another college or have completed other specialized programs may be accepted even though there may be some grades of “D.”  In order to graduate, a transfer student must take a minimum of 30 semester credits at ABC/ABS.